[insert Eminem lyric here]

Guess who’s back?

Yes, I know, it’s been awhile. A lot has changed since my last post (pretty sure that should just become this blog’s tagline).

  • My husband and I moved back to Reno.
  • Oh, yeah, I have a husband now.
  • I won first place in the Institute for Writers “Scifi First Pages” contest!
  • I have some stories out on submission (fingers crossed).

Yep, I’m still in pursuit of that golden writing apple. I’ve finished a second book in December 2017 (which promptly went in the drawer), and I’m at work on book #3, which decidedly will NOT go in the drawer. Except for a brief two-month period before revisions. Then it is definitely going out of sight for a while.

I’m still here. I still have Thoughts about writing things that will get recorded for posterity. I still want to foster a writing community, so friends, please don’t be shy – drop a comment to say hello!

Here’s to fresh starts and pushing that rock up the mountain. May we meet each other at the peak. (And may it not roll back down.)